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O'Brien Type IV Throwable Boat Cushion

SKU: 2141705

The O'Brien Type 4 Throwable Boat Cushion serves double duty as both a USCG approved flotation device and foam seat cushion.


  • 15" x 15" x 3"
  • Provides 18 lbs of flotation
  • Straps for throwing or carrying
  • Coast Guard Approved Type IV PFD
  • Can be thrown to someone within 40
  • May be used with a lanyard


This device is designed to be used on small boats in calm inland waters. Designed to be grasped and held by the user until help arrives. Provides enough buoyancy to keep the user's head out of the water.


Not for use by unconscious or exhausted persons, non-swimmers, or children. Not designed for rough water survival.