Quite Possibly the Perfect Activity.

What's fun, easy to learn, relaxing and gives you a full body workout without feeling at all like a workout? Did you guess paddleboarding?


Getting started with paddleboarding couldn't be easier. Here at Winter Haven WaterSports, our instructors will have you out on the water in a matter of minutes.











Once you're out there, paddleboarding engages just about every muscle group from the toes up.


At a nice leisurely pace you can burn between 300 and 425 calories an hour, twice as much a  causal walk! With just a little more effort you can easily burn up to 700 calories all while taking in the beauty and tranquility of the lakes and canals.


Because of it's low impact you can enjoy the benefits of paddleboarding on a daily basis.    

****************Important Information********************

If you were born after January 1st, 1988 you are required to complete the Florida Safe Boating Test. There is no cost for this 4-6 hour course which is good for a lifetime.


Or you may take the Florida Boat Rental Test There is a charge for this 30 to 60 minute process that will allow you to rent a boat or PWC for up to 90 days

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