Soaring High Above the Lake Flyboarding


Unleash Your Inner Superhero!

The dream of flight is as old as mankind itself. Flyboarding is the closest to untethered flight as we've achieved. No bulky backpacks or harnesses, just some boots, a board and a hose.

30min  Flyboard Experience

No experience necessary and we provide all safety instruction, pre-flight training, and equipment. In minutes you will be soaring out of the water under the instruction of our skilled and qualified instructors. Also can be used for experienced pilots who are looking to practice their moves, spend time working on more advanced tricks, or just relive the adrenaline rush once more.


Per Flight

Group Rates

Have a group of 6 or more? Reserve the Flyboard for a morning, afternoon, or full day. Have a seat on the dock cheering on your friends, grab some rays on our sandy beach, or enjoy one of our other activities while you wait for your time to soar.  



Can Accommodate Up to 10 Fliers 



Can Accommodate Up to 20 Fliers 

Advanced Flight Training

So, you've had a flight or two and want to take it to the next level? Increase your awesomeness factor ten-fold. Learn advanced tricks like backflips, Supermans, 720's and more. Join our Advanced Flight Training program and receive weekly sessions. Be the absolute envy of your friends.  

Starting at: $360 a Month


  • Is Flybording hard to learn?

As Central Florida's oldest Flyboarding school we've taught 100's of people to fly. The basics are so easy, they can be difficult. The problem is that people try to do too much. In reality to get out of the water all you have to do is stand up straight and look at the horizon. Do that and you'll be fine.

  • Is Flyboarding safe?

In five years of teaching Flyboarding in Winter Haven we've yet to have a serious incident. Follow your teacher's instruction and you should be fine. You're biggest concern should be sunburn, so wear sunscreen. Also your face might be a little sore from all the smiling. 

  • How high will I fly?

We currently use a 60 foot hose. However, most first-time Flyboarders will only get 5 to 10 feet out of the water, but will report feeling twice that high. As you become more comfortable you can climb up to 40 feet or more. 

  • Are there any age/physical requirements?

While Flyboarding does take some hand and foot coordination, it doesn't require a great deal of strength. While we don't have any age requirements; Our oldest flyer so far was 72, we do require you be between 90 & 300 lbs, and wear a size 6-14 shoe.